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Unity Plugin This category is all about Kudan's Unity Plugin. iOS This category is all about the Kudan AR iOS SDK. Android This category is all about the Kudan AR Android SDK.
When will the new version of the SDK come out? [Kudan AR] (5)

We get asked this question a lot. The general answer is that we don't like to rush releases. We want to make sure that the SDK that we give you has been tested and that we are happy with what we are releasing. Someti…

My marker isn't detecting [Kudan AR] (3)

If your marker isn't being detected it may not have been added to the image tracker manager. Please check that it has been added and there is no error message in the debug window. If your marker has been added but our …

I can't see my model [Kudan AR] (3)

Try: Opening your model in your preferred 3D modelling tool and check that your model is in the correct position. Adjusting the scale of your model within the framework. Models sizes on screen are determined by the wo…

When is this feature coming to iOS / Android / Unity platform [Kudan AR] (3)

We do not like to comment for when a specific feature will come to a particular platform. We continuously strive to improve all of our SDKs, however some problems take more time to solve than others. In order to be k…

Using my own bundle ID / package name for testing [Kudan AR] (3)

In order to be able to use your own Bundle Identifier (iOS) or Package Name (Android), you will need to purchase a license for your specific ID. The development key that we release is only for evaluation purposes and i…

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