About the Kudan AR category



This category is for discussing all things Kudan AR SDK.

Our SDK allows for easy creation of AR experiences using native platform frameworks or via Unity3D.

The subcategories found here will allow you to ask your fellow members of the community for help with anything relating to your projects. You can ask about the best way to implement a feature, or for further explanation on how other features work. The staff at Kudan will also be on hand to answer questions from time to time.

Posting questions

Before you post a question, please make sure that you have first:

  • Remember the Kudan user base is from all over the globe, so you may have to be quite generic in your search terms

After you have done all of the above and you still haven’t found an answer, you should look to post a question whilst following the below rules:

  • Make sure to your question into the correct category
  • Tag your question with the appropriate metadata
  • Remember that the more information you can provide upfront, the better and quicker a reply you will get e.g.:
  • What have you already tried
  • What are the specific errors that you are getting
  • Share the snippet of your code where you think the error is happening
  • What devices and OS versions have you tried this with
  • What version of Kudan SDK are you using
  • Post your questions in English
  • Although you can post in your native language, this will limit the amount of people that can actually help you