Additional libraries for Kudan CV


I got Kudan CV for Desktop. When I build my application with it, the linker informs me that there are some unresolved externals, mostly OpenCV functions. However, the readme of KudanCV-Desktop-Demo says that Kudan CV does not require OpenCV.

Is it a problem of Kudan CV? Or does it really require OpenCV? If it does, what version of OpenCV is required?


The readme also says:

In this sample project, OpenCV is used for obtaining the camera feed and subsequently drawing this to the screen.

You do not need to use OpenCV in your own applications. The KudanCV library can process camera inputs from any source.

We use OpenCV in that specific project only for obtaining the camera feed, out of convenience. It is not needed to create a functioning application. If you choose to use it, then you’ll need to make sure you have the appropriate libraries added and linked to your project. If not, you can obtain the camera feed some other way, KudanCV will still process it.


My application does not require OpenCV. When I do not use Kudan CV, it compiles and links well, without any problems. When I include KudanCV.h and link with KudanCV.lib, the linker reports unresolved externals. It seems like the Kudan CV uses some functions from OpenCV.