Extended Tracking in Unity


Hey everybody,

is it possible to use the extended marker tracking with the unity SDK? If it is, how can it be enabled? I couldn’t find any information in the wiki or the API documentation.



Yes it is possible with the Unity Plugin v1.4+

The documentation within the Unity plugin should contain details, but we will update the website API documentation shortly.



Thanks for bringing the outdated nature of the Unity Docs to our attention. They have been updated and the newest version of API Documentation for the Unity Plugin can be found on our wiki page. You’ll notice that there are new options on the KudanTracker script for Extended Tracking and AutoCropping features.

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I want to use extended marker tracking with a single marker. At the beginning everything is fine. The marker is extended and works fine from a far distance.

When I move the marker to a other and continue tracking, Kudan is still remembering the extended Markers from the position before.

Is there a way to reset the previous marker extensions? I tested enable/disable the marker extensibility and stop/start tracking.