Flash light switch on smart phones



Hello ,
first : when kudan is enabled in the scene it stops all my code from turning flash light on .
note “the code works with kudan camera disabled”
source of android flash light on unity :

this code works perfect but while kudan camera is disabled in the scene

second : vuforia plugin has a really good way for turning flash light on smart phones but same thing happens when added with kudan works only when kudan camera is disabled

need some help please i’m developing AR app for android and flash light is required for both android and ios
thanks in advanced


My application also needs to control the flash light on smart phones. Is this going to be possible using the Unity SDK? I think if this is working I’m ready to buy a license.


nope still now way of getting it to work


I don’t think the code you attached would work. What it does basically is turn the device camera off and turn it to torch mode. The Vuforia plugin work because it control the device camera and flashlight at the same time. So unless Kudan release new features with flashlight control I don’t think there’s a way you can access the device camera and flashlight at the same time.


Is there an update for this problem?
Should kudan give priority to customers and immediately solve this problem because I think turning on flash is very important when the lighting is not good. :disappointed:



I am also loking for an update on this. Using the flash light as well as kudan camera is crucial for an app I am working on


AR SDK without flash support… 1K/year … No comment.