Importer warning


Hi everybody.

As a final statement of the import of a model (exported from Maya to FBX) I get the following message in the output window of XCode:
“OpenGL error 0x500: Invalid enumeration parameter.”

The model is shown right but I want to debug this warning.

After googling this text for a while I see that it could be caused by the use of the OGL GLU library.

Is this the case with the internal implementation of OGL in Sudan?


Of course I mean… Kudan?


It’s difficult to know the cause of the problem from that error alone. Is there any more information you can provide us, such as where in the code this warning is logged. Even being able to narrow down to a specific class would help.


Hi paleRider

I have faced a same issue.
After app login and then go to cameraviewcontroller, I could get this error.

OpenGL error 0x500: Invalid enumeration parameter.


Any update for this?