KudanCV processFrame() function




I’d like some clarification regarding the Kudan CV processFrame() function. Reading from the Wiki it states the following.

image -> 8bpp greyscale image data.
channels -> number of channels in the image (mono, colour, colour+alpha)
padding ->the number of bytes to ignore at the end of each line

We found that providing the channels anything other than 1 would not work. Are there plans to support RGB or RGBA data?
From what we understood is that padding ignores bytes at the end of each line (as stated). Are there plans to support padding for individual color channels aswell?
For example: Pass RGBARGBARGBA with padding 24 (24 bytes) and Kudan reads RRR ignoring the GBA channels.
Reasons for this is OpenGL seems to be more optimised for reading quad channel data than single channels.

Thank you for your time!


We are always looking to improve our frameworks wherever we can. If you wish to request a feature, please state clearly what it is you want us to add and we’ll create a ticket for it so that it can be worked on in the future.