moving objects troubles


Hi, we are developing a furniture and interior design app based on kudan, we show the objects perfectly and shaded but our problem becomes when we try to look arround and move the object on “x” and “y” axis related to the screen.

We are now working with the latest versión of kudan, and moving the objects with touch.deltaposition, but we need to get the angle of device related to the inital angle when start traking the kudan AR.

We have try to get the angle from Markerless.transform.attitude.localEulerAngles.x but when i rotate the device the angle doesn,t follow a normal work becouse it grows up to 90º always in positive independently if i move the device to the left or right.

Almost we tray to get the angle from gyroscope, getting the initialposition when the app instantiate the first object in AR and them getting the angle updating each frame the Input.gyro.attitude.EulerAngle, but it give us the same problem.

Could you tell us how to get the initial angle betwen camera and markerless position and how to get the updated angle when we moves the device?

Thanks in advance.