Orientation target node for markerless tracking


Hi, everyone
Is there any way to change the orientation for target node when in markerless mode? Or maybe reset it to follow the device orientation?
If my phone look down, the target node can appear, but when I change orientation for my device to look forward, the target node become smaller until dissappear. If from the start I point my device to lookup, the target node won’t appear, but I can place 3d model if I click place object.

This is my reference

It can look forward and lookup with target node visible.

Thank you.


The TargetNode.cs script is open for anybody that wishes to modify it. You can alter the position and rotation of the target node and change its behaviour so that it does what you want it to. One thing to try is multiplying position.z by -1 if the floor pose is a very large value. This can effectively allow you to bring the target node back as you tilt the device up and have it show up on the ceiling. You can also rotate it to make it appear the right way up depending on where it is.

The next thing to do is use the target node’s current position and rotation to start markerless tracking rather than the floor pose, as the sample app does. This will allow you to start tracking on the target node and have your objects appear on the walls or ceiling as well as the floor.

We’re looking into making this kind of thing the default behaviour so that tracking is a bit more user-friendly in the future.


Hi @LukeKudan!
Any news about this behaviour? I read in the documentation that it should be possible to detect walls.

I’m trying to implement your suggestions, but I still can’t achieve the desired result: have a vertical target node and use arbitracking on walls, as shown in the video by @blue_kyle.

Please let me know if there are updates about this.



Hello Pacperio,

Any luck with getting the target node on the wall?