Paid user who needs a stub completed


I’ve been looking for some assistance for our paid account.
We have a need for a stub to be completed.
I’ve emailed directly, but I’ve only received a very short response to go away unless I’m a paid customer.

Who can I talk to please?


Hi folks,
I’m still waiting on any kind of reply from tech support.
Has anyone else figured out how a paying customer can get support from Kudan?
Is there a different forum I should be posting to?


So it’s been another week and no reply.
Are there any paid users in the community that have communicated with support?


Hi everyone.
It’s been another week with no response from support.
I assume some paid user out there has heard from Kudan support. Can anyone help us out?


We cant create a new post.
What happend? Support team dont response :frowning:


Correct. No response at all beyond the initial
“email support is only provided to paid customer.
please use the forum.”

Even though we are paid customers, we came here anyway because the function we need might be useful to others.

Doesn’t seem to matter.


Did you make any progress about taking answer? I will take license and need help some issues.


No, no response from anyone at Kudan. It’s a shame really. With a little community engagement this could be a very good product.


Yes, you are right about it. Kudan has good features but not good community activity. Actually Forum managers are not available here too.


I find it very difficult to believe that there are no Kudan moderators or staff reading these forums. But so far we’ve found no help.