Possible to improve camera resolution?


Hi there,

I’d like to use Kudan in a couple of projects, however the default resolution (640x480) is too low. I need to allow the user to capture screenshots/video of the output and the result is too blurry at the moment…

I tried to tweak the DefaultCameraWidth/Height variables in KudanTracker.cs and the image quality was immediately improved, however the tracking (markerless) was all out of whack…

Is it possible to adjust the width and height without breaking tracking?


I too would like to improve the default camera resolution by at least a bit.
On devices like my iPad Pro (which can probably handle the processing requirements for more pixels), the default is far too blurry.


any update for this isuued ?
i also want to improve camera resolution full HD

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please give suggestion
thank you


Any update for this isuued ?


Was anyone able to solve this?

Changing the DefaultCameraWidth/DefaultCameraHeight in KudanTracker.cs seems to crash my app.

libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type KudanException: Input image is the wrong size: received 2592 x 1936, size 640 x 480 was specified


Any Updates?

we have the same problem with the camera resolution in Unity with Kudan. We use a Webcam (Logitech C930e) that could deliver 1920x1080 pixel.
We run the Kudan-Marker Tracking Sample and the camera window is in comparison to the usual camera output cropped/zoomed and low resolution.
So we took a look in Kudan’s script. There is a possibility to define a DefaultCameraWidth and Heigth [KudanTracker.cs]. We took a deeper look into the library[StartInputFromCamera(_playModeWebcamID, DefaultCameraWidth, DefaultCameraHeight))] and saw, that this parameters has no influence.
The Tracker.cs script does not take the given resolution but the resolution taken from:
NativeInterface.WebCamGetResolution (resolution);
When we Debug.Log() the resolution it says 640*480 .

At the moment, our marker tracking is really bad. Using the full resolution should inrease the performance for sure.
Has anyone a solution to solve our problem or do we have too stop using KUDAN and switch to a diferrent plattform?

Thanks for answers.